The Art of Kira Takenouchi’s Worlds

I get great art commissioned. Most of it is from Shuangwen and Tata, and I have one image from Heise, and one manga from Van Duran. I’ve spent a fortune on my art, which is why I will probably never make up the difference in sales, but I don’t care, because I knew from the very beginning I had to have high-quality art.

Especially for Taming Riki, which is a fully-illustrated series. Some of the first readers really lucked out and got books that were printed in full color. I don’t know how I managed that one. The costs are prohibitive now, although I may make an edition available on Amazon in color just for those few who want to complete the first Volume in color–but it will be expensive.

I love great art.

Take a look at this video to see some of the art I’ve collected for my works.

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