Kira Takenouchi is the Best-selling author of sci-fi, fantasy, adventure, historical, romance, and yaoi fiction. Her most famous work is Taming Riki, which is now in Volume 3: Alpha Zen, but she has many other series, including Moon Over Atlantis, Harem Boy, Shiiki, Alpha Rising, Aranshu, Geisha Doll, The Boy from Braxton Creek, Grayson’s Tower, The Hex Lords of New Orleans, Headmaster’s Chambers, The Boy from Braxton Creek, Once A Chieftain, Barbarian King, Tristan’s Reform, The Crimson Scythe, The Wind Speaks, Not A Vampire, Caspian’s Way, The Binding, Ashar, Saving Arian, Elijah’s Heart, Michael, Anshu’s Eyes, Hironori’s Boy and I, Incubus.

She is writing now at Patreon, where memberships start at just $5 per month.

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